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Felipe Rocha
Co-founder | Curatorial director

Felipe Rocha is an Art Historian with minors in Sociology and History from the University of The Andes (Colombia). He works as a researcher, writer, curator and consultant in contemporary art. He focuses his research on the social construction of reality and perception ontology. He currently is assistant curator at Casa Hoffmann, an independent contemporary art exhibition and research space in Bogotá.


Andrés Brand
Project manager

Andrés Brand received his MFA from the University of The Andes (Bogotá, Colombia). He is interested in image reproduction media, and focuses his practice in photography and videography. Parallelly, he enjoys graphic art, graffiti, electronics, sound, computers, animation, special effects, and coding. He currently is audiovisual production assistant at Casa Hoffmann (Bogotá).

Foto Juan Diego_edited.jpg

Juan Diego

Production coordinator

Juan Diego Carrillo is an artist (B.A.) with studies in Philosophy and Economics from the University of The Andes (Colombia). His work, encompassing expanded drawing, installation, and new media, has been shown at multiple venues as Espacio Odeon (Bogotá), Santo Domingo Building (Bogotá), and Guainía Community Museum (Guanía), among others. He focuses his research on the phenomenons of memory, madness, and grief.

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Camilo Andrés Méndez
Museographic assistant

Camilo Andrés Méndez is an Architecture and Art History student at the University of The Andes (Colombia) minoring in Cultural Studies. He is interested on the intersections among social science, philosophy and architecture. He has worked as projects manager at the Research and Creation Centre for Undergraduate Students (Uniandes), and as director of the Rodríguez Lamus Prehispanic Art Collection Storage Facility.

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